View View Summer time view 148322050 Night view Awesome colors as the sun sets 148322051 Through the windows View from the living room 148322052 Ski slopes Ski slopes over the frozen lake 148322053 Main street This is a black diamond called Main Street 148322054 From the hot tub View from the hot tub 148322055 Winter aerial view From my plane 148322056 From the loft View from the loft 148322057 Sunsets more colors at sunset 148322058 Almost dark Great shot at dusk 148322059 Foggy view The lake can give off some fog and make for interesting shots 148322060 Fog burning off As the sun comes out the fog burns off, this is a great shot showing the fog just over the lake 148322061 Fall View Great colors in the fall 148322062 Fall View Nice shot of the fall foliage over the garage 148322063 Aerial view from my plane on my way home 148322064 Snowy night at wisp View of wisp at night 148322065 Bathroom view This is from the upstairs bathroom 148322066 Ski slopes lit up 148322067 Dusk 148322068 From inside the kitchen 148322069 Sunset 148322070 View from the living room 148322071 Fall 148322072 From living room 148322073 From the loft 148322074 Zero visibility 148322075 Dusk 148322076 Sunset 148322077 Spring view 148322078