Cloud 10 
Vacation Rental

Deep Creek Lake


  • Replaced older can openers with 2 new ones
  • Added another set of measuring cups/spoons and wine opener
  • Updated movie server, now with over 1350 movies


  • Replaced 60" rear projection tv with 65" LCD tv
  • Complete redo of the movie catalog with 1350+ movies


  • Replaced towels


  • Replaced the roof
  • Replaced the refrigerator (AGAIN! - bad door sensor board)
  • Removed the 3 dvd only tube tv's in the bedrooms
  • Installed lcd flat screen tvs in the bedrooms 40" in master, 37", 32" and 24" in smaller rooms
  • Installed WDTV media streaming boxes to the bedroom tvs that stream my movie collection
  • Replaced broken ski champ and alpine surfer games with Crazy Taxi and Silent Scope 2
  • Removed cloth couch from loft, replaced with leather chair/ottoman
  • Replaced bear shag rug in living room with rustic cabin rug
  • Added 8 new bedroom pillows, 2 couch pillows, 5 bowls, hangers and master bath rug
  • Update movie catalog
  • Replaced worn switch labels on all the light switches
  • Replaced 2 entryway rugs to deck doors


  • Replaced dishwasher
  • Replaced coffee maker


  • Replaced basement tv with 60 Vizio lcd tv and tv stand


  • Replaced refrigerator
  • Updated movie server - now over 1200 movies


  • Replaced Coffee Maker
  • Added new movies


Added a handrail going to the lower level
Updated movie catalog


  • Replaced pool cover
  • Repaired Point Blank game
  • Repaired Alpine Surfer snow boarder game
  • Updated movie catalog


  • Replaced grill and grill brush
  • Added new movies


  • Added 5 movies for a total of 884
  • Added heavy duty pool noodles
  • Added 2 20" swivel fans
  • Added mixer, plates, cups, lime squeezer and new place mats


  • Added 12 new movies for a total of 879


  • Added 19 new movies for a total of 867


  • Added 14 new movies for a total of 848


  • Replaced the dryer with a new Whirlpool


  • Added 7 movies for a total of 834
  • Stained mini golf course
  • Added spatulas, peeler and 12 stemless wine glasses to kitchen supplies
  • Added 40 more hangers
  • Replaced 2 toilet seats with new self closing toilet seats
  • Added new deer picture to upper left bedroom
  • Replaced air hockey pushers 


  • Pressure washed and stained picnic table
  • Stained all 7 deck chairs with reclining foot rests


  • Added 5 movies for a total of 827
  • Added 2 paddles as wall art facing the lake


  • Added 16 movies for a total of 822
  • Replaced hot tub cover


  • Added 4 movies for a total of 806 movies
  • Added a stainless steel and another ceramic non-stick pan
  • Added more kitchen towels/pan holders and new 12 setting silverware set
  • Added a cedar chest to hold sofa bedding
  • Added pictionary and Sorry to the board games collection
  • Added a new deer picture to the master bedroom
  • Replaced all porch light bulbs with yellow bug light bulbs
  • Stained the bear proof trash container



  • Added 9 movies for a total of 802 movies
  • Replaced toaster oven with convection toaster oven
  • Added crockpot
  • Replaced all 4 shower curtains and shower liners
  • Built 8 deck chairs of my own design with retractable foot rests and cup holders
  • Had trees trimmed to open up the view of the lake = $1,000,000 view
  • Added auto closer mechanism to the pool door
  • Added 2 official wooden corn hole boards with real corn filled canvas bags
  • Added picnic table by the firepit



  • Replaced cordless phone
  • Added Ooma VOIP phone system with free long distance, call waiting etc...
  • Added UPS battery back up for phones
  • Completely refreshed Mars God of War pinball machine.  Dismantled, cleaned, new rubber bands, replaced every light bulb with LED bulbs for a brighter sharper game. 


  • Added 4 new movies for a total of 713
  • Replaced master bedroom bed and nightstands
  • Added 2 new duck lamps for the master bedroom nightstands
  • Replaced upper left bedroom bed
  • Added 6 heavy duty pool noodles



  • Added 8 new movies for a total of 709
  • Added a towel bar in the hall bath
  • Replaced bath mats in all the bathrooms


  • Added 6 new movies for a total of 701


  • Added 12 new movies for a total of 695
  • Replaced coffee pot


  • Added 21 new movies for a total of 683
  • Added 4 new board games


  • Added 17 new movies for a total of 662
  • Added a thanksgiving style serving platter


  • Added new pans, pyrex glassware, wine glasses, drinking glasses, kitchen goodies, cutting boards, tupperware etc.


  • Added 7 movies for a total of 645 + season 8 of Dexter


  • Added 7 movies for a total of 638 movies
  • Had new pool table felt installed


  • Added 15 movies and tv series for a total of 631 movies
  • Replaced main level XBox 360 with new XBox 360S


  • Added 20 movies for a total of 616
  • Replaced Final Lap 2 racing game with new Need for Speed: Underground racers


  • Added 5 movies for a total of 596
  • Added a new couch with reclining ends for additional seating in the living room
  • Added a new over sized leather recliner in the loft

New Sister Property - Big Timber!

A new sister property was acquired on 1/18/13 and is being upgraded to Cloud 10 standards as we speak.  It's 1/4 mile from Cloud 10 with convenient access to all of the best of Deep Creek while still having privacy.  It's a 4 bedroom, 3 bath Yellowstone log cabin with 16" diameter logs!  It's overlooking the water with views of the ski slopes.  It has an 8' movie screen with stadium seating couches, free arcade video games, a 70" led in the family room, 2 XBoxes, hot tub and dock slip access.   For more pictures, rates and availability, please see



  • Added 10 movies for a total of 591
  • Replaced bed pillows
  • Replaced sheets
  • Replaced comforters
  • Replaced waterproof mattress protectors
  • Added 2" memory foam mattress toppers


  • Replaced Area 51 video game with new Big Buck Safari
  • Added 15 more movies for a total of 581



  • Added 5 movies for a total of 566


  • Added 10 movies for a total of 561


  • Added 17 movies and 4 TV series for a total of 551 movies.
  • Added new place mats, 3 skillets, set of serving bowls, trivets and a new teapot


  • Added 6 movies for a total of 534.


  • Added 6 movies for a total of 528.
  • Replaced toaster oven
  • Added 2 portable radios with aux line in cables to plug in your phone for music


  • Added 6 movies for a total of 522.


  • Added season 1-3 of Tosh.0 and 7 movies for a total of 516.
  • Replaced master shower head with dual pull out shower head
  • Replaced steel tip dart board with soft tip electronic scoring board and cabinet
  • Stained decks and deck furniture
  • Stained mini golf course



  • Pressure washed decks and deck furniture
  • Added 4 movies for a total of 509.


  • Added 3 movies for a total of 505 and Betty White's Off Their Rockers tv series.


  • Replaced hot tub cover
  • Replaced hot tub cover lift with new design to simplify use
  • Replaced gas grill
  • Added 13 new movies for a total of 502 and The Walking Dead tv series.



  • Added 12 more movies for a total of 489 + 5 tv series.
  • Added new non-stick pots/pans, bowls, measuring spoons, utensils etc


  • Added more board games to the collection include trivial pursuit, Star Wars battleship...
  • Added a towel tree for hot tub towels


  • Added 42 more movies for a total of 477 + Archer, Breaking Bad and Hell on Wheels tv series. 


  • Added 9 more movies for a total of 435 + season 6 of Dexter. 


  • Added many board games (Jenga, Boggle, Uno, Monopoly, Scattegories, Guestures, DVD Scene it, multi board game kit including chess, checkers etc and a pile of paper pads, pencils and pens.
  • Replaced kitchen rugs
  • Added a movie catalog binder with images, synopsis, running time etc for each movie in the streamable movie library
  • Added 38 more streamable movies including a Christmas catagory for a total of 426 movies.


  • Added all 4 seasons of The Big Bang Theory comedy sitcom to the movie library
  • Added a backboard to hole 15 on the mini golf course
  • Added Yahtzee and Dominos to the games
  • Built stone stairs from deck to the lower level by the pool


  • Added 11 more streamable movies for a total of 388.
  • Replaced pool heater with a 175,000 BTU electronic ignition heater and set pool heat to 84 degrees


  • Added 2 more streamable movies for a total of 377.
  • Added steps to the hot tub to facilitate entry and exit


  • Added an additional XBox 360 to the lower level family room
  • Replaced standard definition Directv receivers with HD receivers
  • Added a Directv HD DVR to the main level TV
  • Added a streamable movie library with 375 movies and all 5 seasons of Dexter
  • Added 16 wine glasses
  • Added a new knife set with fine edge blades rather than the serated versions


  • Replaced all 4 shower liners with new heavy duty mildew resistant liners
  • Replaced carpeting with laminate hard wood flooring.  No more carpet stains!


  • Finished the 18 hole mini golf course.  This is a private mini golf course for Cloud 10 renters provided as a free amenity!  Enjoy family competitions during your stay.  See the photo gallery on the left for pictures of the complete course.


  • Began installation of an 18 hole mini golf course around the property



  • Installed new pool cover
  • Installed new Resort Lock front door lock


Cloud 10 now has a sister property!  Please take a look at Ski & Glee ( located across the lake from Cloud 10 on the ski slopes of WISP.  5 bedrooms, 6 1/2 baths, indoor swimming pool, hot tub, sauna overlooking the lake and a full arcade.


  • Replaced broken monitor in Area51 video game
  • Added 38 popular dvd movies
  • Added solar lighting to main stair case and entryway door
  • Added a tile landing in Arcade entryway 


  • Commercial pool liner installed by Renosys Systems
  • Pool deck flooring removed and replaced with non skid 18" tile



  • Had commercial heat blocking window tint added to all western facing windows by Atlantic Sun Control.  This drastically cuts down on the heat coming in from the setting sun and keeps the house comfortable
  • Added solar powered flickering Tiki torches to deck


  • Replaced broken Xbox original with new Xbox 360 with 2 wireless controllers
  • Added  10 more xbox 360 games

Prior to 7/4/2010

  • Replaced 8 foot retaining wall connecting garage to the house
  • Added faux elk horn chandelier to living room
  • Added wood blinds to the basement bedroom window
  • Added back deck and deck furniture
  • Added stairs and catwalk to the top of the retaining wall
  • Added retaining wall railing
  • Added commercial hot tub cover and hydraulic cover lift
  • Added hardwood floor to the arcade
  • Refinished hardwood floor on the main level of the house
  • Grouted living room rock fireplace rocks with mortar
  • Sealed and stained the house
  • Stained the deck and deck furniture
  • Added firepit and log benches
  • Added gas grill
  • Installed video arcade
  • Had driveway and parking lot tar & chipped (to halt loose gravel ruts)