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What makes Cloud 10 Special?

There are many properties in Deep Creek Lake to choose from so you may ask what makes this property different from all the others available?  The answer is ME.  I pride myself in creating and maintaining the best properties at the lake with an attention to detail that you will not find in other rentals.  I'm not a rental agency that has too many houses and an inability or lack of interest in maintaining the property to it's pinnacle.  I believe it takes a "hands on" approach to keep the wear and tear of being a rental from dragging the property down and disappointing renters.  I do my own maintenance and I do it often.  I also believe in making a property more than 4 walls and a roof.  I outfit the property in such a way as to make sure you know you have rented a quality property, please view the What's New page to see the improvements I have been making.  You almost need to stay at other properties before mine to really appreciate the difference that a hands on, proactive home owner makes.

This property was not rented before I purchased it so it isn't applicable for me to tell you all I have done to maintain it as compared to a house maintained by a rental agency but I can refer you to my other property which was maintained by 2 of the main rental agencies at the lake so that you can see the difference that a home owner who cares can make.  Please see for details.

If you get bored in my house then I want to know about it and how I can remedy it!  I know that when you are on vacation, you want more than you have at your own home, something more to entertain you and your family when the weather does not cooperate.  I never want a parent to have a bored child on their vacation.

On that note, here are the amenities that I feel stand out at Cloud 10...

Full Arcade all set to freeplay

I installed a full arcade that consists of a foosball table, air hockey table, pinball machine and 10 video games.  Please see the arcade photo album in the photo gallery for more details.  The property also has a pool table, poker table, dart board and 2 XBox 360 for added gaming entertainment.

Indoor heated swimming pool

Cloud 10 has an indoor heated swimming pool kept at 80 degrees year round.  It's 9' x 19' x 4.5' and provides lots of fun for children and adults playing water volleyball.  It has a great view of the lake and it's own fireplace.


Private Mini Golf course

That's right, Cloud 10 is the only property to have it's very own private mini golf course!  This is a challenging course that I built to provide you with entertainment far beyond a simple easy hole in one on every hole course.  Have family competitions every day for free!  See the photo gallery for pics of the entire course.  Balls, putters, score cards and pencils are provided.




The View

The view at Cloud 10 is phenominal!  It has panoramic views of the lake and the ski slopes.  The ski slopes lit up at night are like an entire mountain decorated for Christmas!  4th of July fireworks are best seen right from this deck.  I do not have any pictures of the view that can do it justice, you definitely need a panoramic lens camera.

Movie and TV programming selection

Movie night?  Well I have provided 50+ movies on hard DVD and also 1000+ recent streamable movies that can be watched on either of the 2 large screen tv's through the XBoxs or on the flat screen lcd tvs in the 4 bedrooms.  I update the streamable movies every month which usually adds 5-10 movies a month.  These are movies that just came out on DVD and you may have just missed in the theaters!  I also create a nice movie catalog for the 500+ movies that lists the movies alphabetically in categories such as New Releases, Movie Collections, Westerns, Chick Flicks etc. that has photos of the dvd cover, synopsis', running times and user ratings.

 I found Directv to be far superior in selection than the alternative cable.  I have HD programming along with the extended package giving you access to great programming from The Discovery channel, Science Channel, Military Channel, Spike TV, Comedy Central, TBS, The History channel etc.  There are channel guides on the coffee tables showing the channel numbers of all networks for your convenience. 

The big screen tv's

Everyone has tv's in their properties and every renter has a tv in their homes so why do I think this is an amenity worth mentioning?  Because when I was shopping houses for sale and would walk into an expensive rental house and see a 25" or 30" tv in an armoir, I shook my head.  I said to myself, I have a bigger tv at home and I have to spend good money to come here and they have a tiny tv?  I assume that renters either have big tvs at home that they are used to or if not, they will be pleased when they see I have installed a 60" HD TV in the living room and a 60" LCD TV in the lower family room with great bright screens.  Upstairs has a DirecTv HD DVR and the lower level has a DirecTv HD receiver.  You invariably will find yourself in front of the tvs at some point in your vacation and I want that time to be just as spectacular as all the rest of your time.  All 4 bedrooms have flat screen LCD tvs and wdtv streaming boxes to stream the local movie server I have installed at the house  These bedroom tv's do not get live DirecTv but I do have many popular tv series and well as movies on the local server.



Sauna, Steam room, Hot tub and Firepit

These are the things you may not have at home that will give you an "on vacation" feel.  There is a large hot tub with a view of the lake and ski slopes, indoor sauna, indoor steam room and great fire pit to make s'mores and just sit around laughing about the days events and past stories.





You know the 3 words that matter in real estate... Location, Location, Location.  Deep Creek Lake has a concentration of the best amenities at the northern end of the lake and Cloud 10 is right there within minutes of great restaurants, grocery store, alcohol store, night life bars, convenience stores, mini golf courses, slick track racing cars, batting cages, pizza parlors, coffee shops, ice cream shops, marinas.  


I can not emphasize this enough, privacy is a huge amenity to look for!  Many houses are in a subdivision where you can see and hear your neighbors even when you do not want to.  Cloud 10 sits on the side of a mountain surrounded by woods.  You can not see any neighbors and that gives you privacy that other houses just can't do anything about.  They either have it or they don't!  When the rental agencies rent out the property next to you to a group of college kids, that's when you will appreciate that privacy!

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